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A picture of Anna Limón as drawn by kayleerowena on tumblr. She's a woman with light brown skin and brown hair, wearing a green shirt and black pants. She crouches inside a tree stump overgrown with roses, holding a landline phone, the wire from it trailing into a black void at the bottom of the page. In the corner, written in white, are the words HI, YOU'VE REACHED MABEL MARTIN.

art by kaylee rowena.

Mabel is a new audio drama podcast about ghosts, strange houses, stranger occurrences, and missed connections, according to the official twitter. It is written by Becca De La Rosa and Maybell Marten. It follows Anna Limón, a nurse, trying to get into contact with Mabel Martin, a missing person.

Some important trigger warnings include, but are not limited to, abuse, suicide, medical malpractice, unreality/disassociation, loud distortion/noises, and self-harm. Be safe in your listening.

It currently has seven seasons (one of which being a mini-story). Season eight is slated to be out soon. A brief plot summary of the story can be found here. Summaries of each episode can be found on this page. Bonus content released for free across social media platforms can be found here. The creators' website can be found here. A full web archive of every episode, including Infinity Mirror's, can be found here.

Find the cast and crew of Mabel listed here, and this wiki's contributors listed here.